Producer,creator, Concept & 2D artist, GUI designer


  1. Guilherme twitter // FB
  2. Mark Harbaugh website
  3. Veljko Lukić

3D modeler


Level design


  1. Finn (Animator 3d model)

Special thanks

  1. SlinFane Website
  2. Amanda Kirk
  3. Reva Gildas( 2D CG )

Voice Actor

Ava : Ms.Trina
Aiden : Aleks Le

Team support

Volunteer Proofreader




1.Why did you choose Patreon and not Kickstarter ?

  1. -We decided well before that we’d choose Patrons
    1 If we open a Kickstarter it would be unfair for our Patrons (even if they pay just $2)
  2.  It’s a longtime continuing project, and all the team members have outside work to do.Thus, the on-going Patreons works better.
  3. Will you be responsible for all expenses? Because If we did not get enough money on Kickstarter, we’d then have to cancel the project.
  4. We chose the price of just $2 to help us continually with in game updates.
    If $2 is too much for you, well, ‘I Have Nothing to Say.’

2.How long will it take to complete the game?

Roughly 3~5 years with enough support

(everyone on the team has a full time job, so we do this in our free time) 

3.This game is (BxG) and (GxB) only, then?

-Yes this game is only BxG and GxB

A : I want same sex relationships in this game. do it,I’II help you
B : Why not? I want to see same sex couples within the game if you not do i will not help you

1) You will help me only if I do something you specifically want.

This isn’t called “helping it’s called “exchanging.”

Example: I will be your best friend if you’re rich and famous.

4.The grammar mistakes that are made very often, it is a great game. I hope you adjust the speech a bit .

The public version our first Beta version 5.1 . and Now The Patreon version is 10+ we have 5 Proofread.I think The next public version will not have grammar mistakes anymore but We’re really thank you for your concern .

5.So this game is AO (Adults Only) or M (Mature) rated… Will this game have animated sex?

-We have animated sex in erotic ways but not porn (it’s more softcore like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age)

*What is the difference between erotic and “porn”?
I think it’s all personal preference, but if you really want to know you can find it on Google.
*Is this game going to have sex/rape scenes? Like BDSM, slavery, rape, monster sex, blowjob, anal, etc?
We try to speak as clearly as we can that our game is softcore, so if you want more than that you should be looking in the hentai section.So you want sex with everyone, it suits you better. Our game doesn’t focus on sex only. Players still have missions/story/crafting/etc.

6.On which platforms will the game be available?

-PlayStation4 and XBoxOne release first, then PC

7.Will I be able to play the game on an iPad or a tablet?


8.What are the system requirements for the game?

Reasonable starting point

OS: Windows 7 or newer; OS X 10.6 or newer; Ubuntu 12.04 or newer;

Processor: x86 Dual Core

RAM: 4Gb

Graphics: 1Gb RAM, DirectX 9 / OpenGL 3.2+

Storage: 4Gb


Memory Trees : forget me not

We want to make a Fantasy Farming Game


MemoryTrees is a RPG Life and Farming simulation game . It will be quite
big. we plan for there to be shops where you can buy tools and also
numerous items used for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. The game
will also feature events that will help increase your relationship
with a number of bachelors/bachelorettes. We believe that this will
take a long time to finish as we want to make a game that will make
you happy and that you can enjoy.


Based on the RPG Rune Factory , the game wil be in a 3D world
Our current plan is to do a free demo and then offer updates through our patreon

now Memory trees Alpha 6.3 is the public version

and Memory trees Alpha 8+ is for patreon


Why should you donate?
The game is still in development but it is constantly growing and changing. With your support, we hope to devote as much time and attention to it as we can to make it into the game it deserves to be.

Up until now, the game has mostly been a hobby, supported by only a few generous donors. With enough pledges, we can turn Memory Trees into a full-time project, meaning that we will be able to dedicate far more time and effort into expanding the game and start hiring more team members to grow and develop the game.


Patreon-rewards ( Update version )

Memory Trees, while not yet officialy rated, is planned to have a rating of Mature( sex scenes will be similar to those in The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age).

There will also be a censored version aimed for kids and teens

since we understand that those age groups will want to play as well

All Reward sent in 15-16th